Stout Beard Brewing Company

Our Menu

Personal Pizza - $6
10” crust, house made pizza sauce, motz cheese and secret spices! - ask for pepperoni. 

Pickle Pizza - $7
10” crust, garlic sauce, motz cheese, pickles, secret spices and dill!

Charcuterie Board - $14
Two aged meats, two cheeses, pickles, pita chips, and mixed nuts with a side of horseradish mustard. Styles and varieties vary from week to week.

Pickled Egg - $1
Housemade pickled egg. Made with Bill Pickle ale!  Ask for salt, pepper or hot sauce.

Pickles! - $1
Choice of Mayhem Mike’s Spicy, Sweet, Dill, or Sweet/Spice styles - Try any of these styles with a Bill Pickle Ale!