Non-alcoholic mixers

Ginger Mike - ginger beer, lime juice, grenadine
Cranberry Mike - cranberry juice, lime juice, lemon lime soda
Pineapple Mike - ginger beer, lime juice, pineapple juice 

Jerdy your Mike-tail! $3* choice of shot of liquor!

Our Beers

Big Mint Gin - Gin, mint syrup, mint bitters, lime juice, club soda

Bourbon Bog  - Bourbon, orange marmalade and lime soda over ice.

Out of Control 8 Year Old - Vodka, freezie pop and lemon lime soda served in a rock glass.

Boot to the Head - vodka, Redbull, cranberry, orange, and lime juices, sparkling wine served in a boot

Space Heater -  Peppershine, agave syrup, bitters and apple cider​

Hot Seasonal Cocktails

Hot Toddy - whiskey, honey with a cinnamon stick

Chai Toddy - Chai tea, Maple whiskey, honey with a cinnamon stick/citrus garnish

Chocoholic - Hot chocolate with coffee vodka, Empire cream, and a cinnamon stick

Wine List

Stout Beard Cocktail List

Stout Beard Brewing Company

As a licensed farm brewery, all of our beers are required to be made with at least 60% New York State grown hops and malts. Many of our beers have upwards of 80% percent of each and we are working hard with local farmers to make that number as close to 100% as possible.

Lakewood Bubbly Candeo - 11.0% - Carbonated Dry White  Wine

Montezuma Red Frog - 8% -
Semi-sweet Red Table Wine

Montezuma White Frog - 8% -
Sweet White Table Wine 

Montezuma Cranberry Bog - 11% -
Semi-sweet Cranberry Wine

Hand Grenades

How to do a Stout Hand Grenade:

1. Pull the pin! - Take one shot out and down it.

2. Chug! - Second shot drops in the pint then drink.

3. Wipe your filthy face! - Sleeve or napkin acceptable.

Traditional     Shots: Whiskey & Empire Cream - Pint: Phil Irish Stout
The Cousin    Shots: Corn Whiskey & Corn Whiskey - Pint: Jerd Malt Liquor
The Beast with Two Pickle Backs  Shots: Whiskey & Pickle Juice - Pint: Bill Pickle Ale