Seasonal - Our ever-changing seasonal selection.

Name      Style                        Description                                                                      

Fenrir                    Sahti                                           An old world style beer made with rye and juniper.

Franklin               Imperial Stout                       With a smooth and rich malty flavor, Franklin is as luxurious as the classic,

                                                                                        Syracuse manufactured, cars it's named after. 

Jeremy                   Cascadian Black                    An all New York State heavily, cascade hopped dark ale. 

Maurice                Triple Chocolate Stout        A bitter chocolate stout with a subtle vanilla finish.

Ed                             India Porter                            Akin to IPAs, India Porters are heavily hopped but they have a fuller malt profile.

Chastity                 Sour Cherry Stout                Locally grown sour cherries give this ale a unique sour flavor.

Valentina               Chipotle Stout                       A spicy yet sweet stout made with chipotle chilies to give her a little bite.

Ryan                        Smoked Porter                      A heavily smoked, rich porter. Pairs well with a good tobacco in your pipe.

Cooder                    Caramel Apple Porter        A caramel porter with a hint of NY state’s  most popular fruit

Carlisle                   Pumpkin Stout                     Brewed with real, local pumpkins, squash and seasonal spices

Bill                            Pickle Ale                               A heavily hopped, English style ale brewed with pickling spices and served with a

                                                                                        pickle garnish

William                  Maple Oatmeal Stout        A breakfast in a glass! Made with oatmeal and NYS maple syrup

Tom                          Coffee                                       A unique blend of smoky malts and fresh coffee grounds  

Sam                          Sarsaparilla Stout               A sweet stout spiced with sarsaparilla root

Norma                    Milk Stout                               A sweet and dry stout, a classic example of the style

Juno                         Dark Cream Ale                    A light in body but not in color cream ale brewed with juniper berries

Reggie                     Red IPA                                    A dark red, hoppy, happy experience

Clarence                 Christmas Stout                   A heavily spiced stout made with juniper, anise, cinnamon, peppercorns, nutmeg,

                                                                                         and other seasonal spices

Adirondack Series                                                   A 3 ale series that highlights edibles from the Adirondacks

Our Beers

As a licensed farm brewery, all of our beers are required to be made with at least 20% New York State grown hops and malts. Many of our beers have upwards of 60% percent of each and we are working hard with local farmers to make that number as close to 100% as possible.

Stout Beard Brewing Company

Core Beers -Always at the taproom and also available at local spots!

Name      Style                        Description                                             ABV

Phil                 Irish Stout                           A light, refreshing stout with notable hop presence.                                4.0%               

Ben                  Black Wheat                     Deceptively dark with coriander and orange.                                              4.2%                    

Bettie              Robust Porter                   Deeply complex notes of chocolate, coffee and caramel.                       5.0%
Olivia               Black IPA                          Three types of hops and copious dry hopping make this                        6.0%

                                                                          Black IPA as cool as a summer night.